Camp-Based Hiking Tours

A camp-based hiking tour is a great way to have an adventurous outdoor experience of Scandinavia's world renowned national parks and nature reserves while hiking with only a light day pack and sleeping at a same bivouac or wilderness log cabin or in comfortable, vehicle-accessible campground. Led by the guide, we set up camp in one of the places mentioned above and embark on a series of unforgettable hikes! We provide all the gear, meals, transportation, lodging, so you can relax and thoroughly enjoy your visit. This is a good option especially for bigger groups and youth camps. 

Your only "job" on these trips is absorbing and enjoying everything the national park or nature reserves have to offer - their breathtaking views, challenging and fulfilling hikes, awe-inspiring natural and cultural history, wildlife, and unique natural wonders. 

The Home Rock
Season(s): Summer 
Distance: about 60 km total
Duration: 7 days
Elevation loss/gain: up to 550 m
Physical requirements: regular exercise, strong health
Meeting point: in Kittilä, Finland
Lodging: In a campground by a lake
Prices including: all meals from diner on day #1 to breakfast on day #7, the lodging in a tent on a campground by the lake the first five nights and in a country cottage the last night, all services of the campground, all local traveling arrangements , the sauna sessions, the use of the huts and other wilderness cabins, the sleeping pads, the gear for hiking (day backpack, hiking poles, gourds, thermos, cooking set, mosquitoes repellent, first aid kits), the work of the guide, all local taxes and Value Added Tax
1365 euros/individual
1040 euros/individual if 2 registering
895 euros/individual if 3 registering
855 euros/individual if 4 registering
Discount for children up to 18 years old, students, and larger groups. Contact us.
Free of charge: all additional programs related to the specificity of our agency. On request. Contact us.

The Highlights of Your Camp-based Adventure:


Day 1: Welcome to Finland! We meet at the international airport of Kittilä. Immediately we hit the road and go towards the highlands of Lapland. Our two and half hours drive take you on those long roads lined with tall spruces, through lands of wilderness, along wide rivers and finally to the rocky mountains of Northern Lapland. We arrive at our campground and enjoy camping by a beautiful wild lake with view on the mountains. After setting up our own stuff we eat a special diner around the fireplace in the hut. We end this first day with a sauna session.

Day 2We invite you to look at the first picture of the diaporama right above this information sheet! This is where we want to lead you for our first hiking tour. The trail is steep but not too difficult and definitely worth it. On the top of the fell a majestic view unveils before your eyes: the white summits of Norway and Sweden, the wilderness of the Nature Reserve, a beautiful lake. 

Day 3For this second full day hiking tour we start with a beautiful boat trip on a lake. Thirty minutes later we reach the place of where the three Nordic countries share a common landmark with the beautiful Norwegian mountains in the background. The rest of our tour takes us in the highs of the Nature Reserve where the reindeer gracefully wander. With a permanent aerial view on Kilpis Lake we hike on a rocky terrain, pass a beautiful waterfall and  have a break at the Small Malla summit. From there we wonder at the immensity of Lapland.

Day 4: The third hiking tour is an excursion on the trail towards the highest summit of Finland. You will love the many creeks and the wild untouched nature of the area. 

Day 5For the last tour of the adventure we outbound to Norway. Before getting to the starting point of our hike no doubt that you will feel the excitement of the drive along the fjords and the high cliffs of the area. We begin with few easy kilometers along a powerful torrent but quickly the trail goes up and takes us for a demanding climb. 

Day 6: In the morning we get ready for the departure. We drive back to Kittila and go to our cottage on country side. An excursion to Levi Ski Resort is scheduled.

Day 7: After breakfast we get ready for the departure. If the schedule of your flight allows it we will give you a tour of Levi Ski Resort. Transportation to Kittilä airport. Thank you and see you soon!

More: Interested in the "Inn-based" version of this trip? Click here. Interested in the guided trekking adventure version of this trip? Click here and find out more about "The Three Frontiers" adventure. This program can be shortened to 4 or 6 days. Ask us for the price.