Family Adventures

A Historical Route-F
from 6-7 years old
40 km (5-10 km/day)
7 days
Meeting point in Mora, Sweden
Night #1 & #6 in a ***campground
Ask us for the price. It varies with the size of your family.
Waters and Trails-F
from 5-6 years old
30 km (7-8 km/day)
6 days
Meeting point in Kajaani, Finland
Night #1 & 5 in a hotel or chalet
Ask us for the price. It varies with the size of your family.
Fells and Forests-F
from 5-6 years old
26 km (8-9 km/day)
5 days
Meeting point in Kittilä, Finland
First & last night in a chalet
Ask us for the price. It varies with the size of your family.

Experiences &  Advices

A small bag of toys

Walking is the main daily activity in a trekking adventure. Most likely your child will enjoy it very much because there is so much to see, touch, smell, hear, and even taste. These usually will keep him busy from morning to evening. However we as parents need to keep in mind that spending several days in the wilderness is a big change for a child and might be disturbing. This is why I usually bring in my rucksack a small bag of little and most used toys that I give to my daughter in the evening when times has come to rest. Those toys can be a little car, few Playmobils or Lego figurines, a thin notebook with few pencils... anything that will not take much space and weight heavy in your rucksack.

Sharing the cores

Sharing the cores at home is for some families an exhausting request. Well we have some good news for you, dear parents: there is hope! Your kid will love washing the dishes during your next trekking adventure with us! Do you know why!? First it's another opportunity to play with water. Second splashing water everywhere doesn't matter because your new kitchen is the lake's shores or the river's banks. Third you don't have to worry about them using all the soap since we don't bring it with us in order to protect the environment. You see the hope is real :)

Several times a day

Backpacking is a physical activity. It may seems to us that children don't walk as fast as they could or should. In reality they do walk fast even maybe faster than us if we compare their potential with ours. As you parents are considering a backpacking adventure with your children remember this: a child does need several breaks a day. Those breaks don't have to be the same. It may be a short nap, a snack, a time to study nature, a game, a time to dig a hole, or even a time for a prayer or a Bible story if you are a Christian family. Now if you forget about that need of them then you might never see your children on a trail again or you might never take them with you again Lol.

Your Strength

You're stronger than them. And they will need your strength at anytime especially at the end of the day. Giving them the unique opportunity to see the great nature and to experience a true adventure should be your motivation to help them. Caring their small backpack, pulling them in a sledge, having them on your shoulder (for the youngest ones), holding their hands and hike at a slower pace are examples of what might happen during a trekking adventure with children. Your strength will contribute to their joy. And their happiness will be yours as well.

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