Guided Trekking Adventures

Our guided trekking adventures take you into the heart of the beautiful Northern European open spaces. Enjoy solitude and adventure as you embark on a self-sufficient journey deep into Scandinavian's most stunning wild areas. You'll be carrying everything you need for the trip in a fitted backpack we provide. Pack weights vary between 12 and 25 kilos, depending on the area, the duration of the trip, the time of year, your height and weight, and what you decide to bring in.

We provide everything except sleeping bags, clothing, footwear, rain gear, personal items, and a couple small gear items. We provide all of the following gear: backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, trekking poles, cooking gear, plus few other items. Also, you can request to share a tent with others, to sleep in a "kota tent" with the whole group or have one tent to yourself. All meals are included from diner the first day through breakfast the last day. Your guide will organize and assist you in preparing the meals.

Note: we do not have guided trekking adventures with your gear carried by a vehicle or an animal or any other assistance.