Included in the price: 

:) The transportation from the scheduled destination (airport/train station) to the place of the first night (hotel, cottage, B&B...)

:) The transportation from the place of the final night (hotel, cottage, B&B...) to the scheduled departure (airport/train station)

:) The possible travel arrangements during the stay

:) The meals starting from diner on day #1 to breakfast on final day

:) The use of a backpack

:) The use of the cooking sets, camp stoves, fuel, and matches

:) The use of gourds/thermos bottles in Winter

:) The lodging for the first and last night in a hotel, cottage, or B&B

:) The lodging during the adventure (in wilderness cabins, tents..)

:) The use of the sleeping bags and pads

:) The use of hiking poles

:) The VAT, other local taxes, and registration fees

:) The special equipment for the Winter adventures (snowshoes, cross-country skis, sledges...)

:) The work of the guide


Not included in the price:

- The customer's round trip home-meeting point-home

- Breakfast and lunch on the first day (arrival day), and, lunch and diner on the last day (departure day)

- Extra-equipment's rental (sleeping bag, cloths...)

- The travel insurance/Your own insurance

- The souvenirs


Free of charge -if you've registered to those programs:

- The material used for the spiritual programs 

- The work for preparing and leading those programs



First you go through the pre-booking stage which doesn't hold you to anything. You can do it by filling out the online form. We take care of it within the next 48 hours after receiving. Then we mail or email back to you the documents which include all the details about the trip and the final registration form. 


The final registration form must be carefully completed, signed and returned to us by mail or email. We do not charge any registration fees at that moment. We do not ask for a deposit either.


Final registering is closed 21 days before the participant is effectively taken in charge. Cancelling is possible during that time frame but will cost you 100 euros. It is possible to register to the same program again after cancelling but it is not guaranteed that the same dates could be kept. 


The payment transaction is to be made on the last day of your trekking adventure with us. You can pay in cash (in 10-20-50-100 Euro bills only); a receipt will be given to you. You may also proceed to an international bank transfer. We ask you to check with your bank before leaving to your trip that you will be able to make that online transfer on the due day. An access to internet, a computer and a printer will be guaranteed. A printed justification of your transaction will be required. Finally Paypal payments on our site are possible plus a 5% fee. Checks and credit/debit cards are not accepted. No payment transaction can be made by a person under 18 years old.


All the trekkings are guaranteed to start with at least 1 participant and 10 maximum.



About the Adventure Slip



A slip is presented for each of our trekking adventures including some important information.













1-The adventure's title

2-The total distance that will be hiked and (the shortest and longest distance hiked in one day)

3-The length of stay and (the number of backpacking/hiking days)

4-The city for the meeting point

5-The type of lodging for the first & final night (hotel, cottage...)

6-The price range from 1 to 3+ participants

7-The country's flag where the trekking adventure will take place

8- The trail's shape

9-The type of lodging during the trekking adventure 


Here is the meaning for each pictogram related to lodging:



                          1-Night's stay in a tent




                          2-Night's stay in a log cabin





                          3-Stay the night in a shelter or Lapp hut 




Here is the meaning for each pictogram related to the terrain: 

1-Flat trail. Easy to hike. No particular difficulties to report.





2-Mostly flat trail. Some hills to run up.                                    





3-Many ups & downs. There are some elevated hills to climb. Can be strenuous at times. 





4-Mountainous terrain. Steep inclines. Rocky. At least one summit to climb.


A White Desert
45 km (from 5 to 12 km/day)
7 days (5 trekking days)
Meeting point in Kittilä, Finland
First & last night in a cottage
990 euros/individual
860 euros/individual if 2 registering
820 euros/individual if 3 + registering

Earth & Sky Adventures' Values


A Christian company:

Our trekking agency is founded and run on a Christian vision and values. This specific identity  is very important to us. Our backpacking guides are Christian believers and they do their best to practice what they believe. They also serve our customers in a way that reflects the best what the Bible teaches.


Our values for which we care for while going on our adventures are:

- The joy of meeting new people whatever they believe, come from, belong to, and are able to do

- A respectful behavior towards the opposite sex and the individual with a different sexual orientation

- Modesty in clothing, communicating, and expressing feelings

- A spirit of helpfulness towards the individual in the group who might go through a tough time (walking slowly, having some pain, feeling discouraged...)

- A true appreciation of the simple things in life

- Taking some time to enjoy every aspect of the adventure and giving that time to others as well.

- Openness and respect to the culture, traditions, and rules of the country hosting our activities

- A deep appreciation of what is truly beautiful and giving some space and time to be filled with wonder

- A pro-active respect of nature


Practicing a responsible tourism:

Earth & Sky Adventures is genuinely focused on the principles of  sustainable nature tourism. Here are several practical implications:

-  As much as we can we keep a close partnership with the local workforce (the national forestry office, national parks offices, owners of hotels and restaurants, backpacking equipment stores, rental shops...)

- We commit to strictly follow the rules and advices from the State Forestry Administration and the National Parks offices.

- We do everything possible to generate less of waste while backpacking. We carry out our own waste and preserve the different places we visit.

- We stay on the marked or used trails.

- We do not use products with chemicals or substances which would have an impact on environment (shampoo, soaps, dish soap...)

- We deeply value the high quality of the natural water and act accordingly.

- We believe in the importance of not using a big quantity of toilet paper.

- Observing is better than acting out. This is our motto related to fauna and flora.

- We have made the choice of not using motorized means to carry rucksacks and material during our backpacking adventures. It is an efficient way to reduce the CO2 emissions and preserve the beautiful quietness of the environment.

- Whenever possible we bring our little extra-help to keep the trails and structures clean, effective and welcoming.


Programs Focused on Life:

We organize some trekking adventures in which the participant is invited to join some programs of Christian spirituality and Bible based. All our programs are well prepared. Our goal is to give to the participant the potential for a life changing experience.


Our participants are free to get interested or not with our programs, to agree or disagree with what we directly or  not directly promote, to attend or not our specific programs. Our ambition is to lead each individual into an amazing wilderness adventure linked to a special journey of exploring some very interesting spiritual matters. Our programs are prepared and adapted to any public. They are not reserved to only believers. We respect every people's beliefs. In return we expect that same respect from the participants towards who we are and what we do. 

How It Goes


The Chronology of Events: (for programs > 1 day)

We start to take care of the participant at the scheduled airport or train station. Depending on the arrival time of each participant transportation to the place of the first night of the stay is organized in group or individually. Then the participant can enjoy some free time to get his room, rest and look around until the first meal (diner) is served. Some time for fellowship including sauna follows. The first night is in a hotel, cottage, or B&B. The backpacking adventure starts on the next day in the morning. The number of days scheduled for that adventure is specified on the adventure's slip. A typical backpacking day includes three meals, several hours of hiking, breaks to rest and enjoy the environment, and for those who have registered some time to enjoy a Christian spiritual program. The last day ends at the place where a lodging facility is provided to the participant. A diner is served. A time for fellowship including sauna follows. Breakfast on the very last day is the last meal provided. The participants are driven back to the scheduled airport or train station. Please note that our programs do not start from Friday evening until Saturday evening. It is suggested to choose dates that consider this small restriction. Thank you.


Total Autonomy:

All our backpacking adventures are run in total autonomy. Our company doesn't provide in a motorized transportation of the rucksacks and material from the first day to the last day of the adventure. Therefore each participant is responsible for the content of his own rucksack and to carry it from day to day. It implies to the participant to prepare well his rucksack at home, several days or weeks before the departure in order to evaluate the weight, what is necessary and what is not. The participant shall not forget to leave some space in his rucksack for the food and equipment delivered at the beginning of the adventure. It is suggested to take a look at the list we have made to help you preparing your rucksack. It is also recommended to prepare a second bag of personal items which won't be used for the adventure but will be found back at the end of the adventure on the last day. A place where you can leave this second bag will be communicated to you before the departure of the adventure. 



Diner on the first day, diner on the day before the last, and breakfast on the last day are served in a restaurant, hotel, B&B or a cottage. The other meals are organized in a different way. On the first day a small market is set up. A big variety of non perishable food is available to every participant. Each participant is called to choose what he likes and the quantity that he wants. No extra fee is charged. Frozen bags are given in order to keep the food dry. Each participant will put his food in his own rucksack.



Except on the first and last day of our backpacking adventures we cannot guarantee that a shower, sauna time, air conditionning inside of the cabins, and mattresses will be provided on a daily basis. We want to preserve a unique spirit of adventure for each of our trips.   It is suggested to the participant to prepare himself to a different way of keeping himself clean. For example packing baby wipes, taking a bath in rivers or lakes, heating water on the stoves and use it as a shower can be good ways to keep himself clean and comfortable. Of course it is requested to follow the rules related to environmental protection. 




Safety of  our participants  is of course very important to us. 


- Our guide is experienced and has already led several small or bigger groups including young participants (from age 4 and over). He is certified with Wilderness First Aid by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He is also certified with CPR by the Swedish Council of Cardiac Resuscitation. Otherwise he knows very well the country where the programs take place; he has visited/hiked at least 2 times more than 75 sites in the area around Kittilä-Levi and beyond. 


- Our itineraries do not lead people to hike at high elevations. They take place at low or middle elevations.

- A flat trail can become a true challenge if the number of kilometers is high. Our participants should keep that in mind. They are invited to select a trekking adventure that suits with their real physical capacities and their own experience.


- The weather in that Northern part of Europe is no like in other parts of the world. Summer can be hot and is always very lightful because of the short nights (midnight sun). Summer goes from June to August. The Fall season is short and is often cool. It starts in the end of August in Lapland (North of Finland) and is at its peak in September. The winter season is very cold and snowy. The temperatures ranges from 0 to minus 20 or even 30 degrees Celcius. The snow depth ranges from 0 to 100 cm and more. Lakes are frozen. Winter lasts from November to April. Spring is also a short season. Temperatures are still cool. Rain can be abundant. Snow showers are common. It is a lightful season since we're getting closer to the Summer solstice. Note this: Due to the weather conditions minor changes to the programs are possible.

- Each participant is solely responsible for what he/she packs in his/her rucksack. The equipement is different depending on the season. In Winter, it must be well planned. The participant is invited to take a look at the list we've made as a suggestion.

- No one under 18 years old can be accepted and participate to our adventures. He/she shall be under the another direct adult's responsibility.

- It is required from every participant at the time of registering to give a medical certificate and a swimming certificate for the youngest ones

- It is strictly prohibited to the participant of our adventures to challenge himself or someone else in doing something that is not on the schedule of our activities and strongly related to the backpacking activity: swimming across a lake or a river, climbing cliffs, the use of rowboats or canoes if it is not part of the adventure, choosing another itinerary than the one planned by the guide, and an aggressive or proud behavior towards some wild animals (bears, wolves, snakes, reindeer, moose...)

- It is expected from each participant to not bring and drink alcohol during the trekking adventure, to stay away from the use of illegal drugs, majijuana included. 

- It is expected from the smokers to discretely smoke away from the rest of the group. And we want to encourage them to go for a tobacco-free trekking adventure!

- Every participant from the European Union should have an European Healthcare Card. It is free and easy to get from your local health care administration. It will help to get an easy access to health cares and a fast reimbursement. 

- A copy of an ID is required at the time of registering

Other Mentions



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