Randonnées d'Exploration

Maximize your time in Levi, Finnish Lapland, by embarking on a day hike tour with our guide! Learn about the beautiful trails, amazing natural sites, and history of the area you're visiting. See unique features and visit secret spots that you'd be unlikely to notice or find without a guide. Enjoy the assurance that comes with hiking with a guide who knows the area's weather, terrain, and wildlife. In other words, focus 100% on hiking and let us take care of the rest!

All day hikes include the transportation to the trail-head, work of the guide, use of a day pack and trekking poles, trail snacks and beverages, and lunch. During Winter we provide in snowshoes, skis, poles, and, sledges for children. All prices are Value Added Tax and other local taxes included.

La cabane cachée
Saison(s): en été, automne et hiver
Distance: 10-12 km
Durée: 1 journée (entière)
Dénivelé: jusqu'à 300 m
Exigences physiques: regular exercise, good health
Point de rencontre: in Kittilä or Levi, Finland
Les moments forts: You  will get to climb one of the longest fells (=Arctic mountain) in the region. From the tree less top you could wonder at the immensity of the boreal forest and can see in the distance the  summits of Pallas National Park. We will hike down on the other side of the mountain to explore an old site of reindeer herding. There a trapper style log cabin will shelter us for lunch time.
102 euros/personne (en Hiver)
85 euros/personne si 2 inscriptions ou plus (en Hiver)
81 euros/personne (autres saisons)
67 euros/personne si 2 inscriptions ou plus (autres saisons)
Le lac derrière la montagne
Saison(s): en hiver
Distance: 8-9 km 
Durée: 1 journée (entière)
Dénivelé: 0 m
Exigences physiques: exercice irrégulier, bonne santé
Point de rencontre: à Kittilä ou Levi, Finlande
Les moments forts: This is the perfect adventure for all those who want to spend a full day in the snowy wilderness of Lapland while hiking an easy trail. Snowshoes on we follow a path through the forest and reach a small lake where a cute wilderness cabin is waiting for us. There we light up a fire in the stove and share the lunch together.  We love the hidden side of that place surrounded by the Arctic hills. On our way back we take some time to explore around the lake.
114 euros/personne
87 euros/personne si 2 inscriptions ou plus
Le joli vallon
Saison(s): en hiver
Distance: 7-8 km 
Durée: 1 journée (entière)
Dénivelé: jusqu'à 100 m
Exigences physiques: exercice régulier, bonne santé
Point de rencontre: à Kittilä ou Levi, Finlande
Moments forts: It is a feeling of like opening the door to a white garden that we start this snowshoeing adventure with. Then we squeeze through the trees as we climb up a steep hill to reach one of the most ancient wilderness cabins in the area.By an authentic fireplace we share the lunch. Afterwards we finish the climb and get an amazing view over the valley we hiked through earlier and the summits of Pallas National Park.
114 euros/personne 
87 euros/personne si 2 inscriptions ou plus
Les rivages de Pallasjärvi
Saison(s): en hiver
Distance: 7-9 km 
Durée: 1 journée (entière)
Dénivelé: 0 m
Exigences physiques: exercice irrégulier, bonne santé
Point de rencontre: à Kittilä ou Levi, Finlande
Highlights of the tour: The frozen waters of Pallas Lake are a space of freedom. This is why we give you the choice to feel the open spaces of that wild lake on snowshoes or cross-country skis. At first we  head to a forested area. Only few hundred meters further the lake unveils its immensity. We go on the thick layer of ice and snow and explore the Eastern shores of the lake. We stop at a wilderness cabin and eat lunch by the fireplace. The Arctic mountains bordering the West side of the lake make this place one of the most beautiful spots to explore in Lapland.
115 euros/personne (raquettes)
88 euros/personne si 2 inscriptions ou plus (raquettes)
123 euros/personne (ski de fond)